Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book Club: Boy's Life by Robert McCammon

Boy's Life is about Cory Mackenson, an 11 year old from Zeyphr, Alabama. He lives an idyllic life until one morning while helping his father make his milk deliveries they nearly avoid being hit by a runaway car that goes plunging into a lake. Cory's father tries to save the man from drowning only to find the man has already been murdered. From here we learn more about Cory, his friends, and the mysterious town of Zeyphr while also finding out who murdered the man in the car.

This book brings up so many subjects and addresses them beautifully; racism, alcoholism, bullies, friendship, death, writing, courage, and doing the right thing. I definitely cried during this book and laughed and got to really go into the mind of an 11 year old struggling to find out who he is as a man. This book would be great to give to someone between 9 and 14 to read over the summer and then have them revisit for years to come. There are so many nuances in here that will touch you at different times in your life. As a kid you will imagine flying with Cory and his friends and their wild camping adventure, as a teenager you will see all the intricacies of finding out why the man was in the car that ran into the lake and how a teachers simple words can make a world of difference. As a parent you will notice more about Cory's dad and his friends parents and how they deal with the new times and how things are changing. I think this is a great book for many ages. (Actually there are a lot of swear words and heavy content so maybe read it before you hand it off to a young kid!) 

I think I would give this a 4 out of 5, I think it might resonate with me more if I had read it earlier in my life or read it again later. There were times when I would get a little bored with the story or something too fantastical would happen and I would want to stop following along. However I think everyone should give this book a read and judge for yourself, I would love to discuss this further and all the little subjects that come up in the book and what they meant to different people. For once I want a traditional book club! I'm not sure if I would recommend this for a regular book club book only because it is quite long, otherwise it would be a great discussion piece!

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