Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Update

Chris and I had a pretty quiet weekend. We kicked it off with Mr. Chris experimenting with Amaretto Sours. Pulling together a quick dinner and watching How to Train Your Dragon 2.  I loved the first one and we have been meaning to watch the second pretty much since it came out. It was really sweet and we both think there will be a third movie and we're excited to see it!

On Saturday we wanted to have brunch at Acme and go to the Nasher for Museums on Us. Well Acme only does Sunday brunch so we thought we would try another place we had a gift certificate - The Weathervane, but it was packed with a 45-1 hour wait! So we walked over to the nearly empty City Kitchen and enjoyed a very lovely brunch there. It was really very good! I was telling Chris if the place was half the size with the same amount of tables it would remind me of Baltimore. 

After brunch we made our way to the Nasher and boy did we not enjoy ourselves. I like modern art but just didn't see what the artists were trying to convey. Unless it was confusion, then I got it. Chris and I only liked one piece, Felrath Hines, Yellow on Yellow.

 We just weren't moved by anything else. It made me feel at least a little better we didn't pay to go in. We did pay for 2 hours of parking when we only needed an hour to get through the general admission areas. But we made it all better by making chili and finally making my apple pie for Chris. 

We spent Sunday cleaning, shopping and wrapping and spending time with this cutie while he begged for chili!

 I hope you all had a great weekend too! Happy shopping!

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