Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

I thought I might have time to make some posts during the holiday but alas I was having too much fun with my family! Chris and I got in on Wednesday evening after listening to Serial for most of the way. It's an awesome podcast unfolding details of a murder one week at a time.  It's awesome and it really kept our attention the whole time. We would pause every once in a while to discuss certain events or if we thought a certain person did it or not. 

We were welcomed home by Heather Lee and my parents and we had a nice time catching up and trying to get out of the car zone. It was nice to catch up and regroup and know that I'll get to wake up to those people the next day! 

We had a Munoz Thanksgiving on Thursday. Heather Lee helped me finish my pie which we didn't get made for our Thanksgiving but it was done for the Gibsons. We all made our way to South Carolina to my grandparents house and ate some amazing food. I don't know if my grandma will ever let anything hold her back from making food for her family. A few years ago she broke her hip in September and insisted on still making Thanksgiving! It was great and we got to enjoy some nice family time. And for the first year ever I was thankful to ESPN for bringing Heather Lee to Charlotte! After we got back from my grandparents house we kept the party going with more drinks, leftovers and a roaring game of Heads up

How cute are Noelle's glasses btw? On Friday Chris went out for his annual football game with Kona and I spent some time with Noelle and Jackson. Then I went to the Gibson Thanksgiving and we drank and ate and ate and ate. Chris and I convinced his family to play heads up too and we were in tears almost the whole time laughing! 

On Saturday Chris took Kona to play football again while I went to the Flying Biscuit with Noelle, Jeremy and Jackson. We also checked out some bikes for the little boy. He was not ready to leave!

But we did need to leave. My parents bought a new table for their dinning room and they were giving us their old one, but the problem was we didn't have enough room so they wanted to drive it up for us! So we all packed up and headed back to Chapel Hill! 

Now we have a new table and will hopefully be able to fix up our old one and sell it. It was quite a packed weekend and this isn't even everything we did! Poor Kona is so tired from playing so much, but he's been enjoying laying in Chris' open duffle bag for the time being. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Happy December!! :)

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