Friday, December 5, 2014

High Five for Friday!!

Almost the weekend!!

1. Oh guuurrrrlll I got my hair done on Thursday and I love it! My girl Amber at Moshi Moshi is awesome and so sweet and really knows whats she's doing. As soon as I can get a good pic I'll post it because it's awesome!!

2. What I really want for Christmas? For my landlord to actually do the things she was supposed to do before we moved in. And for wood floors rather than our awful carpet. If you want to know who you need to avoid renting from message me and I'll let you know!

3. I am LOVING our new table! Our old one was pretty damaged from snow melt that flooded our basement in Baltimore that we had to keep the table covered with a table cloth so you couldn't see the damage on the leaves. But this new one takes up so little visual space that even though it's bigger, it looks like it takes up less space. Plus it can stay uncovered! Now we just need to fix or sell or give away our old table.

4. I got Mr. Chris' present the other day in the mail and I was able to wrap it and everything before he got home! I'm so excited to give it to him!!!! :) :) :) Now I just need to buy for everyone else!!

5. I'm ready to eat brunch and look at some art this weekend with Dr. Chris. I've been trying to get this date for a while but I kept getting the weekend for Museums on Us wrong! Here's the deal, if you have a Bank of America card you can get into certain museums for free! it's all in the link above. You just have to be there on the right weekend!

Why no pics this post you may ask? Because I've been so exhausted this week that I've gone to bed so early every day! Hopefully I'm not getting sick, or this is staving off the sickness!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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