Friday, November 21, 2014


My oh my it's been a week! Busy at work busy at home! I'm ready to relax for a minute.

1. We got to go to Angus Barn last night for the Annual Alumni Meeting. We had a lot of fun, and I ate wayyy too much. So much that I couldn't even eat a s'more around the fire pit! I really wanted one but I really might have burst at the seams! 

2. Speaking of s'mores I think we are going to have a s'mores bar this weekend at some point and I am very excited!

3. Thank goodness I made it to the gym so much this week. I would need to ask for a whole new wardrobe with all this eating! Me and my friend Jillian have been keeping each other accountable and it's worked out really nicely. It's nice to go with someone with the same goals as you.

4. Ugghhh Thanksgiving can't come soon enough! I am SO PUMPED to go home, see the fam, see Heather Lee, snuggle with my sweet nephew and thank everyone for my birthday presents in person.

5. Again, speaking of Thanksgiving I'll probably be making some pies again and I have a request for Brussels sprouts. I love getting to break out my pastry slab

Also, yayyyy!!! I got my pictures to upload! Don't know why it wasn't working before but I'm grateful they work now! Have a great weekend everyone!! :)

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