Friday, November 14, 2014

TGIF 28 Things About Being 28

Oh man this is real. For a while I thought I was turning 29 and what a relief it is to be 28. Here are 28 things about me turning 28! 

1. I put on sunscreen everyday

2. Hydrate, all day, everyday

3. Acne, I still get it but I'm starting to try to prevent wrinkles too!

4. Most of my friends are married

5. Some even have kids!

6. While my husband is still in college {10 years of college!}

7. I'm an 'adult' adviser {what?}

8. Taxes have become 'not that bad or hard'

9. If I don't work out for a while it's REALLY hard to get back in shape again

10. Things hurt, why does my knee hurt? why am I getting dizzy? 

11. Furnishing my house has become super fun where it was a chore before

12. I feel the need to take vitamins

13. I still want to go out and dance but the music is too loud and there are too many people!

14. The clothes I wore in college look ridiculous on me now

15. The clothes college kids wear now are ridiculous

16. My parents are the best people ever

17. My parents had two kids  one kid by the time they were my age! My mom had Noelle and then four hours later she turned 28! {Thanks for always fact checking mom! :)}

18. We are entertainers, our house is the place to be and we accept that

19. I just want to be outside

20. Chores matter more

21. I make my bed everyday and it's awesome

22. I think more about the words that come out of my mouth

23. I've become more sensitive and emotional - robot no more!

24. I'm braver - less passive aggressive and more likely to just do it!

25. I bought my own car that I earned all by myself!

26. I'm keeping a super adorable dog and husband alive! {even if he gets on the coffee table while were gone}

27. I have a beyond adorable nephew! 

28. I'm insanely grateful for this life I've been given. I have been bless with an awesome family and found some of the greatest friends to surround myself with. As scary as it is to get older it is the greatest journey and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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