Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Wishlist

Coming up with a wishlist can be so hard sometimes! You know you want something but you just can't remember what it is! The best way for me is have a little list throughout the year. The easiest way to keep track of this list? Pinterest! Seriously, I love Pinterest already but being able to keep track of what I want makes my birthday and holiday list so easy! 

You can add the Pin it button to your browsing header and that little addition makes it just that much easier! If I see a blogger with something cute I might want I just pin it! Even if it is something outrageous or totally out of my price range I can at least look for dupes later. This is also how I keep track of gift ideas for my family! I have a secret board with pins for everyone, well mostly everyone in the family. Or something they might want and it is all safely secreted away in my board. 

Chris and I have been using Pinterest as our list of choice for the past couple years and I think it is so helpful. If you want clothes, you just put your size in the description and bam! New clothes without the guessing. The only thing we wish we could change is the ordering of the pins, I would love to be able to move them around within the board but hey, you can't have everything. 

Feel free to follow along with me as I generate more present ideas for myself and others!

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