Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Update!

On Friday I had Mr. Chris pick me up right from work and we headed over to our friends house so we could hand out candy while they took their adorable daughter trick or treating. 

She was one smart cookie! I got ready and we had a great dinner over there! We saw so many great costumes and luckily a lot of kids knew who we were. We then ran back over to our house and got ready for our Franklin Street Pregame. We had about 20 people over, which pretty much packs our house. At first we weren't sure how it would go since someone dropped a giant cup of booze on our floor but it only got better! We had lots of great costumes over and we had a TON of great costumes on the bus on the way to Franklin. There are a few safe buses to Franklin on certain weekends. 
We had to extract Jason from the party, luckily we had a tooth fairy to help us out. {eh? eh?} And we found another Finn, Fiona and Princess Bubblegum!
The police actually took Chris' sword even though it was made of foam like my ax. Luckily, we got it back at the end of the night, as well as getting home safely. 
On Saturday we hung out and cleaned up after our crazy night. We then decided to throw an impromptu dinner party with 3 couples. Why? Because we just love having people over. Also, steaks were on sale at HT. We had my pumpkin soup and grilled asparagus. Then we celebrated one of our friends birthdays. 
On Sunday we went over to Chris' brothers house for some grilling and football. I was fully ready to relax a bit and have someone else cook for us. We got to relax and I got to look at adorable pictures of my nephew. Man, I'm ready to see that little guy soon!
Hope you had a great weekend!!

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