Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend I didn't stop but for one moment. I went straight home, took Mr. Chris to the airport so he could enjoy himself in Nashville for a bachelor party and ran back home to finish packing. I then got Kona all ready to ride to Charlotte. We had a little longer trip than usual. It started raining really hard but we weren't really in a hurry. I got home and ate dinner with my parents while they packed to head out to Boston! I'm so jealous they get to go for about a week! I loved Boston when we went two years ago. 

As much as I wished I could have slept in on Saturday I headed over to Noelle's house to help her out with her show. We packed everything in our cars and went out to set up for the Ballantyne Festival
It was very warm but under our tent it felt great! We talked to so many people and had a great time! Even when it started POURING down rain and we were trapped under the tent! We even shortened the legs as low as they could go so we could get as much shelter as possible. We got soaked either way and most of Noelle's paper products got ruined but they aren't anything that can't be replaced! We even saw a blow up play slide tumble over! Eventually the rain stopped but by that time many  vendors had already packed up. We ended up following suit and drying ourselves off in the process. 

Afterward we headed over to Soul Gastrolounge for some delicious drinks and food and even more sistertime! We wanted to grab some sweets from Amelie's but the line ran all the way to the back! So we picked up a couple Cookout Milkshakes and headed home. 

I had to get up pretty early so I could be back in Chapel Hill for a meeting. I made it just by the skin of my teeth! I finished up and picked up Kona so we could go to the Chi O Pumpkin Patch. We picked up a couple pumpkins and I went home for a nap! I was exhausted! Then it was just a waiting game for Mr. Chris' flight to get in after there was a medical emergency on his plane! It wasn't terribly late but boy am I tired today! 
I hope you had a great weekend too!

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