Friday, October 10, 2014


I swear we're just go-go-go over here all the time! Chris is headed out to Nashville this weekend for a bachelor party which means I'm headed to Charlotte for some much needed sister time!

1. I will be helping Noelle out with the Ballantyne Festival! So if you're in Charlotte, stop by her booth and say hi!

2. I already loved this song but it was so cool to hear TSwifts version!

I seriously can't get the original out of my head!

3. I finally got my gym membership renewed! Now I need to find the perfect person to get me back into shape! I loved spinning so hopefully the classes won't be to packed for me to get in!

4. I've been strong, and haven't cracked yet on buying any make up and trying to use up what I have. whew. babysteps.

5. I've gotten a lot of stuff done a work this week. Sometimes those hurdles you have to get over are so worth it. Also finishing something is just awesome and knowing you did a good job is so satisfying. 

So grateful for this week and the beautiful weather we've had! I'm still looking forward to a constant chill in the air and actually be able to wear jeans! I'm ready to put my shorts away. Although having the top down in the Jeep is awesome!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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