Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Purchase History

Do I say every month that the year is flying? Because it really feels like it. Here is what I got in September, my next few months may not be as interesting since I'm going to try to curb the spending so we can get some savings back in while still paying for the car. I know, so uninteresting, but that just means I'll have to come up with something new every month!
I picked this guy up using some sweet coupons and discounts and got it for only $10!

I got the Dr. Brandt BB Cream as a free gift with purchase but I haven't tried it yet. I will report back once I do! I had to restock my Garnier BB Cream, it's still my favorite! After really liking the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind I thought I would give this a try but I really like the brightening aspect of the Maybelline concealer. The Garnier BB Eye Cream is nice for a more natural look and the metal ball is nice and cooling however I don't really like this kind of application. 

I've tested the nail polishes and of course I really like them! I think Sally Hansen just makes really awesome opaque polishes that are also a freaking great deal! I'm excited to try to stylist, I really like polka dots on nails and I would like mine to be more even. 
I was trying to make a cute look with some of my drugstore shadows and they were so chalky that I really wanted to get some higher quality shadows. I really love this set so far. I've used the mascara it comes with and I love it! The shadows are so great and I love the consistency. I also got this gift set for my skin. I had never tried the hydrating mask before and I really like it so far for an overnight treatment. Also these sets are awesome because they are usually $65 for just one, which sounds insane but these masks work WONDERS! Plus with this one you get 2 extras. You can't go wrong! The powder I tried while I was staying in my sorority house, one of the girls let me try it out and I really liked it for touch ups and had to get some for myself! Finally I said I got the stow in this post. We are really enjoying it and are thinking about getting a second! 

Did you guys get anything great this month? Any good deals I missed out on? 

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