Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sample Saturday: Coming back around

With my birthday and the holidays coming up I have been looking at all the new holiday make up gift sets coming out! I really wanted the Sephora Superstars last year but didn't get it since it sold out! :( I was looking into getting the one this year and then got to thinking about my Summerstash to see if maybe I was too quick to judge it, since that guy is still on sale! I really liked 7 out of 10 items including the bag.

I wanted to give the Stila eye shadow  another shot and it disappointed me again, I definitely think you need to get the Stila primer the full sized ones come with the get the full affect of the product. I want to like it because it's so pretty but it stinks the set doesn't come with the primer since the regular ones do.

I finished the Marc Jacobs mascara and it worked well but it's far from my favorite. I liked that it coated my lashes but if you want full body lashes I would go for something else. Sometimes you don't know when to toss a mascara out because it still works nicely you just need to make more passes, this stuff however gets very clumpy and goopy once it gets too old. This did not convince me to buy the full size. It was nice to try but definitely not worth buying a full size.

Finally the bag, I really liked the bag and used it for several trips and as a purse makeup bag, until it got very frayed. Like, super frayed...

So sad. 
I really like everything else in the stash, I'm still not sure if it is worth $45, I got it while it was on sale for $40, used a 10% off coupon and bought through ebates so it was pretty worth it for me. 

But I think I might ask for the Superstars, there are a bunch of things I really want to try, like the Anastasia brow pencil, the Fresh Sugar Rose treatment, Stila eye pencil and the Nars Orgasm blush, along with some other really awesome products I already I like. The only thing that stinks is the Smashbox BB cream only comes in light. Light is my shade but people with darker skin than mine will have a useless product. But seriously, this is really worth it, almost all the products are full size so if you were disappointed with the small size from the Summerstash, this is chock full of full sized products. It pays for itself with three products, so if you were even thinking about trying a couple of them you might as well get the whole pack and get some free stuff to try!

I also used my Rainforest After Dark Palette to make this look. I still loved my palette and loved the look but the Stila shadow creased after a couple hours. 
I really liked this look, pretty subtle, lady like but a little added fun with the sparkle. 

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