Friday, October 24, 2014

It's Friday!!

I'm just thankful this week is over! It was a rough week for me trying to get stuff finished in general. Do you ever feel like you're just working and never actually finishing anything? That's how this week was and I'm glad it's over!

1. I'm so thankful I took today off! I've gotten to get extra snuggles with my Kon, take him on a long walk, and am currently enjoying my coffee and breakfast and having a quiet morning to myself. 

2. We're going to Lexington today! I'm really excited for my first ever college football game, even though it probably won't have the results we are wanting for UK

3. Props! Chris and I have been working on our Halloween props and they are coming along nicely. I think I'll try to finish priming them before we leave today. 

4. Sugar Papers calendars and notebooks are coming back to Target next week! I loved mine this year. I think I'm going to get a hanging calendar for our house too this year. 

5. Halloween is next week! We'll be handing out candy at a friends house since we had zero, count 'em, ZERO kids last year! We have a couple pumpkin carving parties and possible Halloween parties to attend so I'm pretty pumped about that! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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