Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hibernation Season

What about the autumn makes you want to hibernate? I swear every morning this week I've been ready to continue snuggling with Mr. Chris and Kona. I love that we get all the seasons but this chill makes me want to stay under the covers as long as possible. I've whittled my routine down to about 15 minutes instead of 45 minutes to get in those extra snuggles!

I've been falling asleep sooner as well! I just love to snuggle on the sofa after dinner and then 
I'll just fall asleep. I guess when you finally get a comfortable sofa that's what happens! When we lived in Baltimore Chris and I would stay up really late, even though I had to get up around 5am to get to DC. We didn't have a comfy couch to lull us to sleep! I just looked up our old IKEA sofa and it brings back so many memories! hahaha!

This was the sofa we had in our teeny tiny living room. Keep in mind our space was like 11x13 so we didn't have too many choices! Sometimes I really miss that little fun house we lived in! 

I'm excited to hibernate a little tomorrow. We're going to be travelling to KY! We're loading up some movies and books to entertain us and I'm excited to experience my first ever college football game! 
What movies should we bring? I'd love to get some suggestions!

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