Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gone Girl

OMG I saw this movie last night and seriously, so good! I read the book almost right after it came out a couple years ago for a different book club in Baltimore. I heard of it through Pop Culture Happy Hour and I really loved it. The book is so twisted I think it is a must read and I insisted on pretty much my whole family reading it. The only bad part for me was it made me feel a little bad about marriage but if you don't get affect by books like that then it's a perfect thriller!

Seriously this movie is so well done. Maybe not everything I would have thought or cast but seriously good. I went with my book club here and about half of us had read it and the other half knew little snippets about it. But the twists were real to them. They were totally shocked and it was awesome. There were several things that I had forgotten but came up seamlessly throughout. Our book club had a little joke going about Ben Afflecks 'frontal' shot, calling it the apathetic peen shot. Which it kind of was, you get a little NPH if you dare to keep you eyes open during that part. There were a few tiny differences from the book but otherwise I thought it was pretty true to the book. But this is also coming from someone who read it two years ago so take that with a grain of salt. 

I really want to see it again, I thought Rosamund Pike really showed off her chops in this. I mean Amy is probably one of the most unlikable characters you can find and she played her beautifully. The one thing I did miss and I think a lot of people missed was the 'cool girl' aspect. I didn't find Amy to be that cool girl Nick fell for. She wasn't as 'Amazing Amy' as I would have thought. Now I want to read to book again! 

Please tell me! Have you recently read Gone Girl? Have you seen the movie? Tell me your thoughts! 

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