Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dinner at Zinburger

Last night I had dinner at Zinburger with some fellow advisers so we could have a little chill time together and maybe indulge in some half price wine! Sometimes it's just really nice to hang out and maybe talk a little shop and also talk about our own experiences. We're a pretty young advisory board which makes it nice since we're all kind of in the same point in our lives where were just getting used to being 'adults'. 

I had never been before, but I had heard good things. It was nice enough last night we could have sat outside but we stayed in since it had been raining earlier. We definitely went with some wine and I got a Breakfast burger and split some truffle fries. It was more than enough for me! The nice thing is since they ground their own beef you can choose how you want your burger done. Mine was so full of flavor I really had to resist eating all of it because I knew my stomach wouldn't be able to hold all that food! One of the girls got the Seared Ahi Salad and it was SO good! I definitely think I'll be back again! 

I don't usually write about stuff like this but you know, I saw this owl this morning and it was like, you didn't take very good pics of your pumpkin seeds, you should probably write about the awesome time you had last night. 

Can you see him? Man I wish iPhones had better cameras! He really wasn't that far away from me. 

Woohoo it's almost Friday!!!

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