Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rabbit Holes

Have you guys seen any good movies lately? I recently fell down the rabbit hole of watching a million movie trailers on YouTube and now have a list about a mile long of movies I want to watch. Now with TIFF going on there are quite a few more I'd like to add to that list.

Still Alice looks amazing. Chris' family has a history with late in life Alzheimers and it's heartbreaking, however this movie tells the story of a younger woman and her journey with the disease. 

The Imitation Game looks so interesting to me. I love the time period, and the whole pretense. It looks like the pacing will be very important since it mixes relationships and WWII. Sometimes these kinds of movies can really drag on trying to get all the details in. (See: Pearl Harbor) 

 I think I've seen a trailer for Infinitely Polar Bear and it looked much more lighthearted than the description shows. 

Laggies looks like it could be very hit or miss, it sounds very much like something Lena Dunham would have directed. I think I could be swayed with a good trailer. 

There are a ton more! Check them out here. What are your favorite kinds of movies? Does anything look good to you?

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