Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Book Club: The Poison Tree By: Erin Kelly

This book has been going around my book club for months and I haven't been able to get my hands on it until now! I loved and hated this book. Really I hated how mad it mad me and how I just wanted to shake the characters! But that's why it was so good too!

This book is another back and forth story that takes place in 1997 and 2007. We meet Karen, a linguistic scholar finishing up her last year of university when she meets Biba, an aspiring actress who leads a bohemian life with her brother Rex in a mansion which is where most of our story is set. Jump to 2007 and we learn Rex is out of jail and Karen has a daughter names Alice and Karen is trying to figure out her new life with Rex and Alice.

There were several very unexpected twists in this book. Which is odd since I was even TOLD there were twists but I really just didn't see them! What bothered me most was how there were so many 'out of character' things Karen did. As a Type A person myself I couldn't see myself falling into the 'romantic' lifestyle so easily and without really any repercussions. Her life becomes a tangle once she falls into the lifestyle and i just didn't fall in love with Biba and Rex like Karen did. Honestly she seemed kind of dumb for having that be 'her last summer'. Honestly Karen you should have gotten better friends at University and not stay with some lame dude you mat you first month of school you didn't even like! At this point it sounds like I don't like the book but I really did! I like to get frustrated by characters! That indicated it doesn't get tied up in a pretty bow at the end and the characters challenge my own thoughts on character development.

Not everything was what it seemed, we are lied to and we are fools in our assumptions. I loved this.

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