Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beauty Test Drive: Elizabeth and James Nirvana

I have had the lucky opportunity to be able to try both the black and white versions of this perfume. They were just samples but I think those little glass samplers are so great, especially if you want to try something new or just switch things up for a bit. 

I fell in love with the white one when I got it. It is nice and soft and feminine. It's a tiny bit sweet and floral and clean. I feel like this subtle enough to be an everyday perfume and would compliment anyone looking for a grown up floral scent. It's like the big sister or fall time version of Flowerbomb. I liked it so much I have been thinking about getting the rollerball for my purse. I have a ton of samples I would like to get through before I get anymore! But I had heard good things about the black one as well so I chose it as one of my free samples from Sephora...

I just don't like this one as much. It has a much stronger, muskier and more masculine scent. It's very sharp and woody. This one lasts much longer than the white one and softens over time yet tempers out to a more feminine softer scent. It's definitely darker more autumnal scent. I felt like it was a little overwhelming, it kind of reminded me of Spicebomb. I like it but it just isn't my scent style. The spiciest I like is Chanel Chance

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