Monday, September 1, 2014

August Purchase History

August brought along a couple large purchases. I got a purse I have been wanting for so long and Mr. Chris got a new suit! Banana was having a 50% off full priced items and Chris has been wanting a new suit for a while and we have a couple weddings coming up where it will probably be used. 

Noelle and I went out to the new outlets in Charlotte and stopped into the Saks Off 5th and I found this awesome Rebecca Minkoff Bag! I have been wanting a Mini Mac for a couple years but I haven't wanted to pull the trigger on one because even though they are the little purses they are still pretty expensive. Since it was opening weekend they had an extra 20% off everything in the store! I also snagged a pair of Paige jeans. These are the only ones that I really love and work with my body type. 
{jeans, purse}
Then of course what's a month without an online order from Forever 21? I actually am not keeping these first two. I think I would size up on the cardigan, it just wasn't as loose as I would have wanted but it was very good quality and comfy! The tank fit me a little oddly and I wish the beading went all the way to the back. I think it would look better on a more straight body type. 
{cardi, tank}
 I really like these next 2 they are both very soft and comfy. I got the long sleeved shirt as a layering item and the dolphin top as a comfy top, and seriously, it is so soft! Really good buys!

This blazer is really awesome! It fits really nicely, it's a little boyfriend-y and I love the shoulder details. The leopard scarf is really nice, long and nice and fluffy. This purse looks really nice and is really high quality for being only 30 bucks!

Finally I really needed some Beauty Blender Cleanser and a couple other things...

I'll let you guys know what I think of the Summer Crushes! I love the blender cleanser, it's so easy to use and the brush is great as well!

So did you guys score any deals this month? Let me know in the comments!

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