Friday, August 8, 2014

What to Wear: Sorority Recruitment Bid Day!

How exciting! You've been through all those nights of parties and now you finally find out where you'll be going. Please remember this isn't the end of the world if you don't get your top choice or if you don't get in anywhere. I had a sorority sister that went through recruitment all three years until she got the house she wanted! I know she would have hated going into another house. I also had plenty of friends not get in anywhere and we were still friends. I still invited them to events and they had their own actives that I got invited to. Diversify! I know it will feel like the end of the world but really, college is what you make of it and what you put in you will get the benefits. I joined about as many clubs as I could manage and had a campus job and I loved my experience! I put so much into making the most out of it and I definitely reaped what I sowed. So whatever the outcome of Bid Day is for you, make your college experience the best you can!
On this day you are completely yourself, I actually didn't get a proper Bid Day because we had to be evacuated for Hurricane Katrina! I found out through Facebook! So wear what you would to class, you'll get a sweet new sorority tee. The first of many! And by many I mean almost thousands! :) Good luck! 
Ha, a tiny fraction of my pledge class, the craziest, smartest girls and some of my best friends!

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