Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Update

We had a pretty packed weekend! On Friday we met with all the new residents for Friday's on the Front Porch and then a group of us went to Old Chicago for dinner. It was nice to meet the new residents and they got to meet me as I knocked on their resident room door and welcomed myself in! hahaha! 
I think this weekend was particularly packed due to recent new student move-ins. They start class on Tuesday and the buses are already getting crowded. We all still want to soak in those last bits of summer so after a long day of building a wood rack for our fireplace wood we invited our friends out to listen to jazz over at Meadowmont. We got to bring our pups and then ventured over to Five Guys since no one besides us had been there before! Little Louis had a lot of fun!

On Sunday I had a meeting while Kona and Louis had a play date. But it was just too hot for the dog park so they played inside. Then we headed out to Jordan Lake to play around in our kayaks! Kona isn't a very strong swimmer so he wears a puppy pfd

Proof that he does actually enjoy it!
Also I can't get over these videos! I think it's so funny when dogs paddle before they are in the water! 

We finished off the weekend with a healthy dinner and macarons! I ordered some as an engagement present for my friend Hannah and couldn't resist getting some for ourselves!
So far we have only tried red velvet and cookies and cream and both were so good and really tasted like what they were!
I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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