Friday, August 1, 2014

July Purchase History

I kind of can't believe it is already August! I feel like this year is just whipping by! I hope everyone had a great July and made some beautiful purchases, here are all of mine:
 {Left, Right}
If you've been reading for any amount of time you'll know I really can't resist Forever 21. It's a problem. I really love this maxi, it's a little different from anything I own and when I've worn it I've gotten TONS of compliments! Also, if you've been reading for a while you'll know I frikin love a good phone case, I don't always buy them but I like 'em a lot! So I got this Marc Jacobs look alike for a song. 
 {Left, Right}
You might have seen both of these before, the left is the baseball tee here in stripes and the guy on the right I got in a bigger size. 
Can't be without Ulta either! I noticed my hair was looking a little brassy and these guys have really helped! The packaging is a little different, I think the new packaging is way cuter and I love the smell!
This Bamboo spray is really nice when I don't have time to do my hair and need to combat the frizz North Carolina has bestowed on us! It's also a sunscreen for your hair, so if you have highlights or have dyed your hair it will help keep the color longer. 
 {Left, Middle, Right}
I have been wanting to try a face oil for a while and this stuff is really cool. It takes off all my makeup gently and really gets that waterproof mascara off as well! 
I've also heard a ton about this charcoal face wash, it has a tingling element and it really tightens up my pores. 
I have no idea what drew me into this, I'm sure I read reviews or heard something great about it because I really like it! It's like a primer or if you need minimal, and I mean minimal coverage and a high SPF this one is for you! You just need a tiny bit to cover your face. It applies like a primer and that's how I've been using it when I plan on going out in the sun and I have really been enjoying it. 
Finally, I have really liked pretty much everything from PTR so I thought I would give this a try, I can't give a full review but so far I really like it. 
You can read my review of this palette here.
You can read my review of these masks here.
Finally, I am almost finished with these minis and I think they have really brightened my skin. I'm not sure if I would repurchase all of them but maybe one or two of the three, a full review will be up hopefully soon!

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