Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Charleston: Sullivan's Island

Chris and I haven't really been on a proper couples vacation since we've been married. We had one long weekend we had to ourselves in Easton, MD but nothing that was that long and really by ourselves. Of course we've done a ton of fun trips with friends and family but nothing really by ourselves. Even our honeymoon was spent with friends and family! --I'm not complaining at ALL these trips were so fun and I would do them over again exactly the same!-- But we would like to vacate with just ourselves sometimes!
We wanted to keep the cost down so we planned to stay pretty close and drive to Charleston. I found a really awesome airbnb and literally planned nothing else! haha! We still wanted to see friends so we contacted those people and just set off! 
We spent like 80% of our time at the beach, Folly and Sullivan's Island. Those are two very different beaches! And since we were there mostly on weekdays both were pretty quiet. Sullivan's is more family friendly to me, the waves we very quiet, like a lakes waves. It wasn't as windy, which is nice if you want to do something after but don't have time to shower. 
 It was pretty much deserted the first time we went. Thankfully we took the beach umbrella from our rental because the sun was really heating up with such little wind. 
 The dunes here are really beautiful, you have a long walk to get to the beach from any parking. We came back on our very last day to much different elements! The houses here are so nice! They were in the process of building several and they were all just so cool!
We think my parents would live in this house. Plus it was right by the beach so they would have tons of visitors right?!?!
 The Charleston Light, which we got to see in action on our last day! It was pretty cool! vvvvvv
 I mean look at those clouds! It was thundering and lightning so hard! So we gathered all our items that we had just laid out and scuttled back to our friend Shemeh's car. 
 Luckily we were dressed for the weather! 
The three amigos all huddled in the car trying to get dry and maybe be a little warm? Who would have thought you could get cold in August? It was kind of nice to be pushed out of Charleston otherwise we might have stayed longer than intended! 
Have you been to Sullivan's Island? What did you do? What do we need to try next time?

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