Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Book Club: Invisible Monsters by: Chuck Palahniuk

I just finished Invisible Monsters and I am about as pleased as I could be. I have read a couple books by Chuck Palahniuk before and this experience was no different. I was entertained, I was grossed out, and was painted a very vivid picture of a very disturbed person, and it was awesome. Chuck had written several well known books such as Fight Club, Haunted, and Choke.

This book twists and twists and twists. It follows Shannon McFarland, a beautiful model and her life before and after she is shot in the face while driving on the freeway. Her best friend steals all her clothes, her fiance leaves her, and she is left horribly disfigured and the only person to help her pick up the pieces is her new friend Queen Supreme, Brandy Alexander.

As with any Palahnuik book no one is who they seem to be. The same goes with the writing, Palahnuik uses 'jumps' to go back and forth between stories and you have to keep up your you will be left in the dust. This is a book that if you can put it down you'll have to read the previous 2 chapters and you will still be lost. This may grate on some people but I enjoyed it because he writes so climatically I really feel like I am watching a movie in my head.

I really enjoyed this book, it is highly grotesque, sexual, and full of drugs but it weaves an intense story that I might have to read again now that I know it all!

Have you read a Palahnuik book before? What was it? What did you think?

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