Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Club: Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight By: M.E. Thomas

I actually finished Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight while in Charleston. I have to say this is a hard book to review. On one hand it was totally fascinating, on the other it was very much like a textbook at many parts.

This book was not really what I expected, I thought it would be more of a memoir and seeing the world through her eyes rather than a textbook, psychological review of sociopaths. I expected personal stories and an interpretation that would show that this is how a sociopath thinks contrasted by how a 'normal' person thinks. I had trouble reading it because I felt like sometimes it was the same story over and over or the same small story and then textbook guidance. I feel like I might be more able to spot a sociopath now, however that doesn't really matter to me personally, as not all sociopaths are bad.  I learned a lot about what makes a sociopath but if I really wanted to know that I could just go to Wikipedia and learn the exact same thing in a much shorter time span.

I also got kind of sick of her writing, I know the book is about her personally and this all may be true but if she was so smart couldn't she come up with other ways to say she was 'razor smart' and 'quick witted'? I read those words just too may times. It's probably a combination of the narcissism from being a sociopath and maybe just book writing in general but seriously, I got it the first time!

I found it funny that she writes a blog. I think a lot of bloggers are pretty narcissistic and it shows more clearly in some than it does in other. I'm not saying all bloggers are but, I mean how many pictures can you post of yourself and not be thought of as narcissistic? Writing a blog does not mean you need to, or even have to capability of writing a book. If I get a book deal, Lord help us all.

Overall I would say read this sparingly, when the writing and repetitiveness starts to grate on you put it down and never pick it up again because you've basically read the whole thing. Thinking back on it this whole book has sociopathy written all over it! The title is pretty misleading, a 'confessional' leads us to believe there are some juicy stories within the pages, 'hiding in plain sight' makes us think she has done some heinous deeds, yet tells us pretty much none of that and focuses more on lame manipulation games. Genius! She played me for a fool!

So let me know, have you read this book? What did you think? Have you ever known a sociopath? Are you a sociopath?

*I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my honest opinion. 

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