Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bible Study: Bless These Lips by: Sharla Fritz

Over almost the whole year my bible study and I have been using the book Bless these Lips as our guide. Yes this book has a funny name, and yes a few times my fellow studiers might have rolled our eyes at certain times in the text, but it really helped us realize how much what we say impacts those around us. Overall it was a great way to get to know my group, how we talk to different people, our spouses, our co-workers, our (their) kids and strangers. 

I definitely took away several tips on avoiding hurting peoples feelings and was really struck on how people interpret words differently, after all that's kind of what a Bible study is about, reading the text and having your own interpretation. I really liked her real-life stories preceding the lesson, it really brought everything to life for me and I was able to bring that closer to my life rather than a far away bible lesson. Of course I and my fellow studiers still won't be perfect since finishing this book but it brings us a little closer to being compassionate and taking a moment to think about what we are saying to not only others but to ourselves as well. 

The one thing we didn't really like in this book was the Day 5 lesson where we had to interpret the meaning and pursue the application of the scripture we were studying. It was a lot of writing and we preferred talking over items rather than writing everything down. We actually didn't like that part so much that we skipped the last day so we wouldn't have to write it out! But I know other people really like that kind of lesson. 

Overall we enjoyed this book and learned a lot about ourselves, our relationship with Christ, with each other, and those around us. It has helped us choose our words more carefully and more compassionately. 

Are you in a Bible study? What do you use to guide you? Leave me your recommendations in the comments!

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