Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend Update

We had a pretty relaxing weekend, even if the rain interrupted us a bit. We enjoyed some Mexican food in Durham with some friends that went on to a late night, apparently too late for me because I fell asleep at their house! Does anyone else have that problem? When we lived in Baltimore Chris would be up playing games with the boys and usually one girl till the early morning while me and the other significant others fell asleep! hahaha! 
We were planning on having some old friends over on Saturday but they were also conked out from their vacation so we moved it to Sunday. We tried to go kayaking but the rain was just too bad! We drove all the way out to the lake only for it to start raining! :( Luckily the one we went to isn't too far from our house. After being home for only maybe 30 minutes Chris comes in and says we found a wake board for a steal! So we ran out and picked him up a wake board with bindings AND a rope! 
He is definitely excited to break it in! He had been wanting one for a while and honestly, I don't think we could have found a better deal! If you are ever looking for anything, seriously, Craigslist is the best!
On Sunday we got all our food ready for our friends. We made guacamole, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Lemon Rice, Asparagus, and finally another watermelon cake! Seriously, this is now my favorite summertime dessert! It was so nice to reconnect and eat delicious food! I hope you had a great weekend too!

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