Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth!

I hope no one is reading this on Friday unless you are reading from another country because today we celebrate being American! I also get to celebrate my sister and my mom's birthdays! I'll be making the cakes for these lovely ladies, which if they turn out nicely you will get to see next week! I am so happy I get to be closer to my family and watch my nephew grow up. Words can't express how much I love and look up to these women. They are both unbelievably strong, strong in ways I don't know if ever could be, but luckily I will have them by my side to support me. Happy birthday to my two firecrackers!!
Ohhhh yeah, my 21st birthday, I think they waited veeeerrryy patiently for that day!
We'll be a little more tame this year I think! 

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