Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don't be Afraid

I had wanted to skate board for a long time. Mostly through college, it was probably the number two way of getting around my very flat campus, walking being the first. I had never really put a lot of thought into it but I always thought those girls that long boarded to class were so cool. Finally, like five years later, I have my own board! I read A Little Dash of Darling's post on long boarding and I couldn't help but look at the comments of girls saying they were too scared to try it. What? What are you afraid of? falling? Something most people do regularly without a board under them? I understand people don't want to get scratched up but that is was pads are for! You're not going to start off going down ramps! You start off slow, learn to push yourself, get faster, try some tricks all in the amount of time you are willing to give it! Don't be afraid!

I love my Never Summer Heist, it gives me the flex I like, and smooth trucks for long rides. I actually got mine off Craigslist! I had tried several other boards, mostly Sector 9's and liked the Never Summer the best, mostly because the guy we bought it from had really put nicer trucks and wheels on it and it rode differently than the Sector 9's I had tried. Also like $100 cheaper! Chris has really encouraged me to not be afraid of silly things like that. It might just be because he is a great teacher and/or husband but I always feel braver when he is the one behind me encouraging me to try. 
Behold, our Board Room where the only meetings are held outside. My Never Summer is the one hanging on the right and Chris' Sector 9 in on the far left. Yes everything else is Chris' but he has helped me learn, and not constantly fall on my butt for all of them! If you have any questions on long boarding I think this is a good place to start. And of course you are more than welcome to leave q's in the comments!

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