Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chi Omega Convention 2014

Whooo what a wild ride it was! I am still exhausted! The last time I went to convention I was an undergrad myself and what I got out of it was a lot of information to bring back to my chapter and ways to improve but more importantly a deeper friendship with the sisters that were there with me. This time wasn't any different. As an 'adult' adviser I have a totally different role but I can still have the same impact on the chapter I advise. It was cool to learn all the new ways we can help them. We got a ton of ideas to bring back. More than anything I really valued the time I got to spend with the actives and my fellow adviser. 

{And of course my massively gorgeous glamazon advisee}
It's really cool to be a part of something bigger than yourself and know that you can help make a difference in peoples lives. I loved hearing how many wishes were granting through our work with the Make a Wish Foundation. It's rare that you hear good things coming out of the Greek community but there are so many great things that are done within them. I have no regrets about being Greek, I am proud to be a Chi Omega and I am proud of everything she stands for. I know, that all sounds insanely cheesy but when you're literally surrounded by great women you can't help but be inspired and get a little cheesy. Which might be part of why we tried so hard to be serious while we were there...

So tell me, were you Greek? Are you a Chi O!? Were you in a club to make your campus seem smaller? Let me know in the comments! 

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