Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book Club: The Virgins by: Pamela Erens

I finished The Virgins on my way back home from Orlando and I liked it, it was a good summer read, not a life changer but worth picking up. It is all written from the perspective of a boarding school coxswain named Bruce Bennet-Jones. It is so easy to forget he is narrating when he plummets you into the relationship he voyeuristically watches. Taking place in 1979 at an elite boarding school The Virgins wasn't exactly what I was expecting, yes, I thought I was getting Gossip Girl. It kind of is, but dark and written from the perspective of a teenage dickface. Seriously, Bruce is a 'nerd' in the sense that he can't get laid, and doesn't play sports. He wants you to feel sorry for him because his friends don't like him, why? Because he acts like a dick. Why does he act like a dick? Because that's what he thinks with, so much so a tries to rape Aviva, the object of his affection, while only knowing her a few days and feeling he has the right.  He narrates the story between Aviva, the new girl, and Seung, a lifer, who is coming into his own. This is really their story. It's tragic and dark and a strong coming of age novel that I think is a great read summer or not.

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