Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend felt so long to me! We started off by celebrating our friends birthday on Friday by having dinner and going up to a wine bar and trying to snuggle up under the umbrella to keep just a little bit dry. 
Can you tell the humidity fogged up the lens? The next day we went to the Cable Park for more celebrations! I have wakeboarded before but I had never done a dock start. So the first few times were pretty much like this:
But I did a sit start, which is just a bit more like starting from behind a boat and got going! I only went those few times because once you fall you have to swim {far} to get to the sides and then you wait your turn which really gives you time to get tired! My friend Jillian and I ended up enjoying the sun while the boys wakeboarded and wakeskated. 
On Sunday we did some running around, wore Kona out and hung out with Dr. Chris' little and her husband  and their ADORABLE baby to watch the ups and downs and mehs of the Portugal v. US game. 
So tell me, how was your weekend!? Was it hot as all get out?

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