Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Out of Office

Posting might be rather sparse this week since I will be heading out to Chi Omega Convention this week in Orlando, Florida. Part of what gets me excited for a trip is coming up with a packing list. Since we will have a certain dress code for certain days it actually makes things a bit easier to plan. Here is what I plan on packing to make good use of the little space I will have. Even though I am flying Southwest and can have a free checked bag I always try to get everything into a carry on. 
I also like to make a list of the extra things I need to take or things I need to get done before I leave.
Tan? Check (Lorac is my fav so far!)
Nails? Check
Phone update? Check
Clean house? Check
Packing List? Check
Check into flight? Check

Then I have the TO DO list:
Band aids to cover your gross burn; Clean out purse; Pack; add contacts; Create interesting posts for while I'm gone; p.s. I'm sorry if posts look weird, I'm doing this from my ipad rather than from my lap top!

What gets you excited to go on a  trip? What should I do while I'm in Orlando? I will have a limited amount of free time one evening. So I need to make it worth it!

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