Monday, June 30, 2014

June Purchase History

I seriously can't believe it is already July!! This year has been FLYING! Like, I still can't believe we have been here for a whole year. Only two years left! Back to the business! You may remember from this post I made an ASOS order and here are the items I kept:
I LOVED these sunnies, plus they were only like 10 bucks! I also decided to keep the baseball tee for casual days. I ended up returning the peplum as well, I think I might try a size larger but I really loved how it looked and the structure was really nice. I'll let you know if I ended up putting in another order!
You may remember from this post I got some things from Forever 21 and I only kept these 2 things! But I love them so much already! The romper is so comfy and cute. If you're a mom who is still breast feeding this thing is for you! haha! It has a little snap at the chest so you can step into it, but also if you're feeding a little one this would be awesome! Also, sunnies, I can't resist!
You may know from this post I've been craving a new bathing suit and I placed an order at Roxy and got this guy and I love it!!

As you may know I can't resist a Bath and Body Works sale. I snatched up 5 candles for the price of ONE! Crazy man! I got two Endless Weekend candles because they are the bomb dot commmmm.

I have been able to resist all make up items this month by trying to test my myriad of samples out. I also managed to not buy anything on my trip this weekend, however long I shopped. So tell me, did you find anything awesome this month?

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