Friday, June 13, 2014

Forever 21 Review: Fails

Yes, yes I realize I should probably stop shopping at Forever 21 but sometimes it's just so good! Unfortunately for me this order was mostly bad. I really wish they had free returns or would give you your money back rather than store credit but what are you gonna do? I had actually tried to make this order a while ago and was pretty distraught over have my card DECLINED! WHAT!? Hey man I use a budget! Apparently they had a glitch in their system and sent me an email about it as well as giving me 20% off! Woohoo!! One thing to note though, if you use a promo code all of your items will be marked as final sale. This is a lie. Unless it is one of their items that is final sale, like most accessories. You just call tell them what's up and they will send you a pdf with your order so you can return stuff. Apparently this is a thing that happens regularly. Anyway back to the fails!
 I got this guy in a medium...why the hell did I get a medium? It's way too big. If the front fell down you would get a full frontal!
 This I thought I liked and then just wasn't impressed. It is super soft but just not a flattering cut on me and kind of see through, but no shock there. For an extra small it's pretty big. 
 I really wanted to like this dress but it was much heavier than I thought it would be and again, not a super flattering cut. Again, extra small is a little big-ish. 
Uggghhhhh this kind of broke my heart to return, it's so cute! But as you probably can't really see from this pic it's pretty see through. Yes I could wear a slip but I just can do that anymore, especially with a warm weather skirt. I got this in a medium and it fit really nicely, I might have been able to go down a size but I don't think 
This dress will probably only be cute on someone super duper skinny. That I am not, even though I am a small. bye bye. 
Then there are two items that were way too embarrassing to post pictures of myself in so here are the models looking cute:

These shorts, like most shorts fit me in the waist but in the thigh it was a no go. And I looked like a stripper/stuffed sausage in the romper. Got a small in both and could barely get in and/or out of them!
I am keeping two accessories and one clothing item which you will see in my June Purchase History at the end of the month!

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