Thursday, June 5, 2014

ASOS Order Review: Fails

Ah! I've always wanted to order from ASOS but never pulled the trigger. After I saw a lot of things I've been pining for on sale I decided now was the time. Here are a couple of my fails, my final keeps will be in my June Purchase History. 
First, I've been wanting a baseball tee for a long time, like, a really long time. That's a weird thing to want but, hey, that's just me. Apparently the search is still on because I just did not like the fabric or fit of this guy. I think I want a softer fabric and a more fitted style. I love how it looks on the model, maybe they only look good on a smaller chest? 
{Size US 4}
The Left two pictures I'm wearing a sports bra and the Right two I'm wearing a regular bra. Now that I'm looking at it I might keep it and wear only a sports bra. What do you guys think?

I've also been wanting a flowy skirt for the summer and I just LOVED the white crop and skirt combo here. However I have hips that make this skirt extremely unflattering. I think it is the size of the waist band that make it like that which is unfortunate, but it also is a very light fabric, if it was white you would be able to see clear through it. 
{Size US 6}
Can you see what I'm talking about? I think it looks better if you tuck that waist line in...
But still not a keeper.

Finally, {sigh} the main reason I placed this order was for this dress. So cute right!? It might work if I went a size smaller but now I'm thinking that boxy top just won't work for my figure. 
{Size US 6} 
It kind of does that weird waist thing the skirt did, and makes me look much heavier than I am. Ugh, fail. :(

I DID find some winners but you'll just have to wait until the end of the month to see! So tell me, have you ordered anything for ASOS? What were your thoughts? 

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