Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend Update

We had a pretty packed weekend! On Friday we had the Orthodontic Graduation. It's pretty incredible to see these people's journey. It's a long road and I'm so glad I know everyone that we have been able to meet through all of Chris' programs. Unfortunately, I didn't get to stay for the whole graduation, but it was for a good reason! My sister was driving home from DC and her son was starting to get a little fussy so she stopped in to eat some dinner, say hello, give little Jackson a bath and catch up! All in all it was a pretty late night for Chris and I so we did some serious sleeping in on Saturday! Blackout curtains are just amazing! 
When we finally wrestled ourselves out of bed we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! After all the rain we had been having Friday and Saturday more than made up for it! 
Sunday we went back to Drakes Landing for a 13 stand! We went with one of Chris' co-residents and his girlfriend and had a blast! I didn't shoot as well as I did before but it was really fun!
 Me and Dr. Chris and that sweet pager!
 I'm pretty impressed that my phone caught the shatter! Also, it's kind of unfair to shoot with someone who was in the military!
Doing my best!
We also learned we needed to get low recoil shells because we were all hurting by a little over halfway! It was a pretty long day but it was perfect weather, not too hot or too chilly. After all you need a little padding on your chest and shoulder for that recoil! I also tested out some make up you will see more of tomorrow! 
How was your weekend? Have you ever gone shooting? 

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