Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend Update: Memorial Day

We had a PACKED weekend! It actually started on Thursday! I still had to work but Dr. Chris had a conference which hosted several schools and we went out with some out-of-towners to Top of the Hill. Me and one of Chris' co-residents enjoyed a Peach Tea drink mixed with Firefly. I only had one since I did have to work the next day, even though they were really delicious!
We tried to take it easy on Friday since we were driving a couple hours to my brother-in-laws place on the lake early the next day. But a few libations on a night in never hurt anyone right? We got up bright and early and headed north to water ski, slalom, paddle board and of course eat and enjoy everyone's company!
And no, I still can't slalom! :( Kona didn't care for paddle boarding unless Chris and I were right next to each other. I think he'll be getting a little life jacket for his birthday!
After dinner we headed home and I might have taken a little nap on the way back! It was a long and PACKED day! The next day we hosted 2 couples from Baltimore who were a year under Chris in Dental school. It was so great to see our old friends again! We went to our pool and drank and ate just like old times! We had so much fun and were so grateful that we got to see them before they start their lives in Colorado and Delaware!
It's no fun unless you you make a mess right? Tide Pens to the rescue! ;)
How was your weekend? Are you as exhausted as we are? 
I definitely need another weekend!

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