Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Wishlist: Anthropologie

I LOVE Anthro, one thing I don't love? The price tags, which is why this is sadly a wishlist and not a buylist.
 I love the sheer details in both of these tops. 
 There is a lacy back on the left tank which I've just been LOVING lately.
I've also been wanting to experiment with crop tops and maxi skirts. I have yet to find either item that fits me and my budget. 
I think the back of the right tank is a nice subtle sexy. 
 I realize that I go black in the winter and white in the summer with my wardrobe. It's crazy. 
The layered look on the left is an easy way to get some color in the closet! 
I feel like the shirt on the right is something my sister would wear, cool and casual but with a really nice embroidery to bring in a bohemian vibe. 
There is a little peplum or ruffle at the bottom of the left sweater which adds a fun element to an otherwise plain sweater. 
The jacket on the right adds a casual feel and I love the chevron in the back. I feel like I would wear this on a Friday over a casual top and fitted pants. 
 Yay dresses! The little cut-outs at the waist on the dress to the left are such a cool touch, although the more I look at it the more I see an angry owls face? haha! 
The dress in the middle would be so perfect for a garden party! Or the derby! Any of my Baltimore girls going to Preakness?? I found the dress for you! Or North Easterners going to Belmont?
I can't say no to a white dress, I love the eyelet overlay on the right one.
 Again, I think this dress is so fun! I love the pattern on top and the flow of the bottom half. 
Coral is such a flattering color on so many skin shades and the look of the unfinished hem can bring it into a more casual setting. 
Finally another white dress! I LOVE this one! The name of this dress is effervescence, isn't that the most perfect name? It has an almost 20's feel to it, the circles are delicately held to the dress with a single thread. There is something incredibly romantic about it and I love it. And the sheer yoke? I love it!
Skirts! A summertime staple. Like I said I've been looking for a maxi, this one is fun and bright however at nearly $200 it's hideously ugly to my wallet. 
I think the skirt on the right would be just right for the office, a nice streamlined skirt with a little flounce in the back. 
Okay, finally some sandals, I love the strappy sandals for the summer! 
I think this little vest could add some real interest to an otherwise plain outfit, throw over a maxi, a plain tank or long sleeve tee by adding a little cool girly edge to it. 

Anyone else love anthro? I can't not go in! What do you love that's out now?

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