Monday, May 19, 2014

Office Desk Essentials

The other day I was taken out to lunch and it was a rather rainy day. Thankfully I had my trusty umbrella in my side drawer. After I got back I noticed my makeup did not have the staying power I was hoping for. It was a runaway morning and I skipped the important steps of priming and finishing my makeup. :( THANKFULLY I keep an emergency makeup touch-up kit in my personal drawer as well. My co-workers were pretty amazed I looked better coming back than I did leaving so I thought I would share my arsenal of personal office essentials!
Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you don't look like yourself? I think most of those days can be fixed with just a little extra eye makeup. On the rainy lunch day when I got back I realized I look like my dad in drag without my full eyelashes! 

 The other thing that can make you not look like yourself is not enough blush. I have actually forgotten to put on blush before and looked ghastly. These are just some quick fixes that have make me look and feel more like myself.
These guys are {thankfully} rarely needed but they are the best in a pinch! I have actually needed and used all of these things at one point and I was always grateful I thought ahead. 
I also keep an emery board and some clippers just in case, I hate having a snagged nail, it will distract me all day!
Hair mishaps are bound to happen so I keep a little hair spray dry shampoo combo in there too. On days there is just no fixing it there are plenty of hair ties!
I think every women who works in an office struggles with temperature, I keep a giant pashmina in my drawer and an extra pair of tights in the winter because you never know!

Finally these guys are sitting on my desk at all times! I really prefer to wash my hands than to sanitize but just in case I keep it. Since I wash my hands so often to keep them from getting chapped or dried out I use this hand cream. I prefer B&BW hand cream to there regular lotion that I find runny and not at all moisturizing. 
So what do you keep at your desk? Have you ever needed anything and thought to yourself why don't I have this!? Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments!

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