Friday, May 23, 2014

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale!

Since yesterday's post was so wordy were doing pretty much all pics today! These are some items I would definitely put in my basket or at least really want to try on! I know there are a million sales this weekend but I just love the Nordstrom Sale! Get ready to scroll! 

Starting from the top!
  {Left, Middle, Right}
  {Left, Middle, Right}
  {Left, Middle, Right}

You guys know I love a good scarf! 
 {Left, Right}
 {Left, Right}

Now Dress it up, Dress it down!

Some shoes to go with?
 {Top, Bottom}

We all need to revamp our workout game every once in a while right?

Speaking of unders! Some of my favorite bras are on sale too!

We can finish it off with some jewels!

Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend! Thank someone in the Armed Forced for their service!

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