Friday, May 9, 2014

Grad Gifts: High School Graduate

I was so focused on Mother's day I totally forgot there are going to be so many graduations coming up! We have a couple this weekend! I feel like it is more common to buy a grad gift for a high school graduate than college or otherwise unless you are related. So for starters here are some suggestions for a high school graduate:
Personalized Flips: Shower shoes are essential in the dorm so why not personalized them so they don't get lost.
Sorted Laundry Bag: I love that this has easy handles to turn into a backpack. That struggle to the laundry room is the worst! 
Cosmetics bag: Whether you're the girliest girl or you don;t have a girly bone in your body you will have some toiletry essentials. 
Personalized Robe: I didn't think I lied robe until I got a really good one. I still use the one I got for my high school graduation! 
Shower Curtain: This item has a myriad of uses, obviously a shower curtain, or a closet door, or a privacy curtain for your bed!
Pin Board: I got a pin board similar to this one but my kind neighbor customized it so it matched my bedding! She also added some pictures of our dog and a UNCW sticker.
Dots: Guys, I have these all over our living room. They are the best to decorate with, they come off really easily and they add a little fun to an otherwise drab cell room. 
Washi Tape: There are literally thousands of uses for washi tape. Find some cute patterns and some tutorials to help the new grad brighten up their space. 
Teal Phone Wallet: Because losing your phone is apparently the coolest
Gold Wristlet: You have to carry your school ID everywhere anyway so might as well make it cute
Black and White Phone case: To keep your ID and money in
Phone Wristlet: Seriously we have found so many lost phones, this is NOT A JOKE!
Emergency Car Kit: Okay I know this is dorky but this came in handy when my car was making a weird noise and I had to pull over. The highway patrol actually used my own tools to fix my car for me!
Khaki Duffle: I love this classic duffle plus the tiny monogram is cute without being gaudy or too cutesy
Saturday Duffle: You can customize these so nicely! This is what I probably would have wanted in college. Plus that tiny monogram!
Medical Kit: Again, so dorky but no one made fun of me when they needed band-aids or medical tape!
School Sweatshirt: You can't go wrong with buying apparel from their new school!
Cards: This game is addictive
Room Scent: I know I've posted this guy a bunch of times but college smells, and you can't have candles, you don't want to knock over diffusers, (it's happened - not pretty) you don't want to use valuable outlets, and I think spray air conditioners are the worst. So here we are again
MONEY: So many uses, always happy to receive. 
So do you remember any gifts you got when you graduated? What do you want if you are graduating? {CONGRATS!} Do you have a go-to gift for grads?

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