Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Club: The Glass Castle by: Jeannette Walls

I know, I know, I just posted about a book and I've already finished another! The Glass Castle is a pretty quick read, I read it over the weekend while I enjoyed the sun. The Glass Castle is a memoir chronicling Jeannette's life from age three to adulthood and the obstacles she had to overcome. Her biggest being her own parents. You learn she and her siblings are whip smart, being mostly home taught by their parents, however, that is the best and only gift they receive from their parents. It's astonishing the love that is still there despite everything the family has been through.

This memoir is a serious page-turner. As much as I hated reading parts of a terrible childhood I couldn't tear my eyes away. Walls takes you through her nomadic childhood and amazes you with her growth and tenacity to not only survive but flourish in it. Throughout the book she is looking at the bright side of things, and definitely to a fault. She writes about her parents in a blameless way, which is insane because there were times when I was reading and said out loud " Are you SERIOUS!?" and Mr. Chris would look at me like I had gone crazy. Just the perplexities alone are a good enough reason to read this book.

I will say I think there are gaps that I would like to know more about, but given it's a memoir there are certain things you may not want to share with the world, or are just too boring to write in a book. Overall I would definitely recommend this book. It's a quick read and it's hard to put down.

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