Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Purchase History

The first things I bought in April were from Ulta! Seriously, Ulta and Marshall's are my kryptonite. I like to keep items in my bag for a long time unless I really need or want them right away, a sale is always around the corner. When the 20% off codes came out I knew I had to get a few things I have been looking at for a very long time...
 I have been struggling with my skin for a long time, I have been thinking about getting a Clarisonic for a long time, like several years! One of our friends is a dermatology resident and him and his wife use one, and that just pushed me over the edge to buy one. So I decided I would save all my Ulta points to buy one! So this whole bill was only $13!! This one also happened to come with a free gift with purchase! Woohoo!!!
I finally caved a bought a new large barrel curling iron. I like to curl my hair pretty much every day to give it a nice finished look. I have heard tons and tons of good things about this Macadamia Hair Masque and I felt like while I was treating myself I might as well go for it!
I also got the Tarte Airbuki and the emphasEYES inner rim liner. As long as you're treating yourself you know??
Like I said here, I had to go back to Bath & Body Works to pick up soap anyway so I went ahead and took advantage of the 2 for $22 and got a couple more Hawaiian Candles. These seriously take me back to Hawaii! I'm ready to go back whenever!
And as I wrote in this post I did a lot of looking at Banana and ended up with these winners!
{top, dress}
While I was shopping for Easter Baskets I picked up these three lip balms for myself.
{Left, Vivacious; Middle, Provocative; Right, Honey}
I LOVE these beauts! I definitely want to pick up more! They are nice and glossy but not sticky and leave a nice amount of stain so they wear very nicely.
{Vince Camuto exact; similar; similar; similar}
Of course I made another stop at Marshall's and hemmed and hawed over this jumpsuit and took the plunge! I really like it, I wore it to work already and got a lot of compliments. I think most people were in shock to just see me in pants.

{Romper; Dress}
Spring is the season for white for me so these are 2 items I almost bought from Forever 21. I know, how old am I? But sometimes you just can't say no to a $20 outfit. I didn't end up purchasing/keeping either of these but here's how they look on a petite person; both in small. (The dress in XS was too tight over the bust, but fit everywhere else.) The romper is so cute but it's pretty see through in the bottom. And can you tell there is only one side pleated on the dress? lol! (p.s. I'm wearing Vivacious in the romper and Honey in the dress!)

Finally I found 2 pairs of work flats that are cuter than Sperry's and comfy to walk in! Thankfully, neither broke the budget either! Thank goodness for DSW and Nordstrom Rack!

That's all I bought in April! Did you get any good finds this month?

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