Friday, May 30, 2014

May Purchase History

This month feels like I spent a lot of money but I really mostly bought gifts for people. Dr. Chris' birthday was on Thursday and we have Father's Day coming up, my Dad's birthday, my mom and sister's birthdays and we also had Mother's day! Whew! That's a lot in just a few short weeks! With that said I can't actually show everything I bought since they will not have been opened by the time this goes up!
First things first, I went a little wild with makeup this month. I might need at least a 2 month ban just so I can test all the little freebies I got as well as the things I actually bought!
I got these three sets from Sephora:
This guy for my mother-in-law, she loved it! I feel like this really gave me the go-ahead to get her more beauty and bath stuff, she really loved it!!
You can read my thoughts on this set here.

I'm still testing out items from this guy, I now know one of the items in the bag breaks me out. But otherwise it's been a good experience so far. Unfortunately, this one is no longer available but I would totally try this one
Now for Ulta, I guess I feel like I got a lot of stuff because I got A LOT of samples with my purchases!
I've heard so much about this foundation that I had to try it! Of course I had to get the brush too!

While I was at it I decided to go ahead and try out two more cult favs and get the CoverGirl Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation as well as the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
This brush was on sale and I've been needing a new one for a while so I got it and some more of my favorite dry shampoo

I also got this set, you can read my thoughts here

As for clothes and other items I got a few things from Marshalls...
Finally the surprise Kate Spade sale! I picked up this guy in pink for myself and a few other things for some birthday girls!

Did you score any deals this month? Did you pick up anything from this post or this post? Let me know!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Chris!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday! It's crazy we've been together for almost ten years! This guy has seen me through a lot and I couldn't be more grateful. We've been on so many adventures and I'm so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with this guy!
If you've been here before you probably know he's just about the smartest guy around, he loves to invent and fix things a just have knowledge on how things work. He is curious, he always wants to know things, and how they they work and how they can be improved. His passion for knowledge has treated him well but he's not just a brain. If you've ever given him anything you'll receive just about the funniest thank you note you've ever read. I really wanted him to write all our wedding thank you's because they are so funny! I think that is part of what will make him a good doctor, he is smart and fully knowledgeable but will treat you like a person and not a patient. 
This guy is handy! He loves to work with his hands, whether it's fine tuning an old watch or building our wine racks. He has to finish all his projects but knows when to give up. He is a light at the end of the tunnel kind of guy. I guess that's part of what kept us together those 7 years apart! 
He loves to be outside and go on adventures with me but he also loves to get dressed up and choose one of his many bow ties to look his cutest! 
I love that he is driven, and smart and that he pushes me in a way I don't think anyone else could. He is gentle, and sweet, in all the years I've known him I don't remember him ever raising his voice besides to cheer on a game. I love that he'll hold me when I feel like crying and dance with me when I feel silly, that he sends me funny gifs when he knows I need to be cheered up and knows when I need to be alone. I love that he knows me in a way no one else could and that he loves me in a way no one else could. 
I'm just glad I get to be around this awesome human for life. 
Happy Birthday Dr. Chris! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend Update: Memorial Day

We had a PACKED weekend! It actually started on Thursday! I still had to work but Dr. Chris had a conference which hosted several schools and we went out with some out-of-towners to Top of the Hill. Me and one of Chris' co-residents enjoyed a Peach Tea drink mixed with Firefly. I only had one since I did have to work the next day, even though they were really delicious!
We tried to take it easy on Friday since we were driving a couple hours to my brother-in-laws place on the lake early the next day. But a few libations on a night in never hurt anyone right? We got up bright and early and headed north to water ski, slalom, paddle board and of course eat and enjoy everyone's company!
And no, I still can't slalom! :( Kona didn't care for paddle boarding unless Chris and I were right next to each other. I think he'll be getting a little life jacket for his birthday!
After dinner we headed home and I might have taken a little nap on the way back! It was a long and PACKED day! The next day we hosted 2 couples from Baltimore who were a year under Chris in Dental school. It was so great to see our old friends again! We went to our pool and drank and ate just like old times! We had so much fun and were so grateful that we got to see them before they start their lives in Colorado and Delaware!
It's no fun unless you you make a mess right? Tide Pens to the rescue! ;)
How was your weekend? Are you as exhausted as we are? 
I definitely need another weekend!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Girls In White Dresses

I don't actually conform to the idea you can't wear white until Memorial Day or after Labor Day but I do love white for the summer! I also need a white dress for an event I have coming up so I thought this would be the perfect time for a white dress roundup! Whether you have an event, a bridal shower, a bachelorette, or you just love white like me here are some cute options I've found!
 {1, 2, 3, 4}
 {1, 2, 3, 4}
 {1, 2, 3}
 {1, 2, 3}
 {1, 2, 3}
 {1, 2, 3, 4}
 {1, 2, 3}
 {1, 2, 3, 4}
{1, 2, 3}
 {1, 2}
{1, 2}

Happy Shopping!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale!

Since yesterday's post was so wordy were doing pretty much all pics today! These are some items I would definitely put in my basket or at least really want to try on! I know there are a million sales this weekend but I just love the Nordstrom Sale! Get ready to scroll! 

Starting from the top!
  {Left, Middle, Right}
  {Left, Middle, Right}
  {Left, Middle, Right}

You guys know I love a good scarf! 
 {Left, Right}
 {Left, Right}

Now Dress it up, Dress it down!

Some shoes to go with?
 {Top, Bottom}

We all need to revamp our workout game every once in a while right?

Speaking of unders! Some of my favorite bras are on sale too!

We can finish it off with some jewels!

Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend! Thank someone in the Armed Forced for their service!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

What to See, Do, and Eat in Charlotte, NC

I have been asked so often about what to see and do in Charlotte by numerous friends that I figured it would be best, again to not send a million emails but to compile it all here in one post! Without further ado: 

For food and activities uptown: I love me some Pita Pit, I haven't seen one up here! And I used to work in the Hearst Tower so it was a usual stop for me. There are a few places to eat in the EpiCentre that are good but mostly chains,Blackfinn is good and it's also a club at night which can be fun if that's your thing. Mez {Not there anymore! What's there!?} also has really good food and drinks and is also a club at night there is also a move theater in there and Strikecity. For more food there is also Enso and Vida that I like as well. There are several other clubby places in the EpiCenter but the only other one I would dare go to would be Howl at the Moon or Whisky RiverDandelion Market is down the street and is a nice bar to go to as well. During the day you can visit the Mint Museum, the Bechtler, or Discovery Place depending on what they are showing. Rira's is close by and has a rooftop deck. For a little bit nicer places I like MimosaCoco OsteriaLuce, or Aria.

In the Music Factory there are several music venues and restaurants and bars. 

I like to hang out in Plaza Midwood, my favorite thing to do is get pitchers and burgers (regular or black bean are really good!) at The Penguin The Diamond Restaurant and walk across the street to Thomas Street Tavern for drinks, ping pong, and corn hole! Or eat at Philosopher's Stone for corn hole and live music and drinks at Soul Gastrolounge or Snug Harbour. There are a ton of cool shops and vintage around there and art galleries if that's your thing. I like Boris and Natasha'sCentury and Hong Kong are cool for vintage. Cajun Queen is near there as well with some of the best Cajun food I've had! If you go, definitely get the BBQ shrimp appetizer, it's not what you expect but if you like spicy food it's the best! There is also 7th Street Market which has several places to eat and drink inside. 

Then there is NoDa a little more arty than Plaza Midwood but you can't beat Amelies, they are open 24/7 and have delicious pastries and coffee. There is Cabo Fish TacoGrowlers, if you like beer, and Dog Bar, where you can bring a pup if you have one!

There is Dilworth which has a more young professional vibe. When I lived there I went to Nolen Kitchen every Sunday after church and they have a really good happy hour too. It's right next to Selwyn Pub which has good ambiance as well. Around that area is also Bad Daddies if you like burgers they have some of the best, and the sauce they have is really good! I love 300 East for brunch and there are several other cool shops and places to eat over there too!

I would be a terrible sister if I didn't mention Morrison Smith Jewelers on Providence {right by the intersection of Providence and Providence and Queens and Queens} They are the only retailer of Noelle Munoz Jewelry! There is also Fresh over there and the Manor Theater which usually shows limited showing or independent films. 

Near South Park there is Montford Drive: Angry AlesAndrew Blair'sBrazwells, and Duckworths, all good and fun and safe. Pretty chill for the most part. Right by South Park Mall is Zink and CowFish, CowFish sounds gross but it's really good sushi! For brunch over there is Terrace Cafe, also over there are dinner options like Brio, and Del Friscos. I think South Park has some of the best shopping around and in the summer they have lots of events on the lawn.

If you want to do something outside you can go up to the National White Water Center, which I love to go to and has great food! Chris and My brother in law like to go-kart up at Victory Lane. There is Speed Street in the summer and Taste of Charlotte, Alive After Five every Thursday in the summer. There is Crowders Mountain for hiking and climbing, and so many other things I'm sure I forgot so if you have anything to add or neighborhoods I forgot please let me know! I know I don't have Ballentyne covered, there are cool areas around South Blvd. {Who couldn't get lost in Sleepy Poet?} and South End {Mac's!} Everything at the Metropolitan! Please let me know what I forgot!! I have a feeling there will be edits to this guy later!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sample Saturday: Ulta's Summer Glam Beauty Essentials

This week I got a little crazy with my Ulta order. I just couldn't resist! I had some items hanging out in my cart and when there was not one but THREE sample bags with my intended order I couldn't stop myself! Of course there is another sample bag going on right now but I think I'll be on a bit of a ban for the next month or so. Which should be easy with all my samples and actual purchases! {fingers crossed!}
One of the items in my bag was the Summer Glam Beauty Essentials in which there are deluxe samples of: 
I got to use everything this weekend  and really put it to the test! I didn't get a chance to use the Anastasia Lash Genius because it is basically a waterproof-er for your non-waterproof mascaras! Crazy right?
I think this is a really good grab bag! 
I already really like the Porefessional, this deluxe size is perfect to test out for several weeks!
I actually already own this Butter London polish in the normal size and really like it! It's a really beautiful pinky-red. I definitely think it needs 2 coats or just one coat with a top coat. This is a very expensive brand but with the price you dont get Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP, so it's safe to use while you're pregnant, and probably better in the long run. But this little guy is perfect for travelling! 
Laura Geller Beauty Cool Lids Eye Cream, I think this would be a really awesome summer base. I used it on it's own over the weekend and really liked it, you can keep it sheer or build it up depending on what kind of look you're going for. 
Stila Lip Glaze, I have never tried this cult gloss and I really liked it! It stayed on for SO LONG! At first I didn't like how tacky it was but it melded with my lips and stayed for a really long time!
Tarte Mascara, I've never tried this beauty favorite either but I really really liked it! I definitely sweat and did some damage this weekend and it didn't budge! It didn't clump when I applied it and I really liked the separation band build it gave my lashes. I will say this stuff was a bear to get off, it's THAT waterproof!
Too Faced Bronzer, I have to say this was probably the main reason I go this set. I've been wanting to try this chocolate smelling bronzer for a long time! I really like a lot of Too Faced products and I was dying to try this and it did not disappoint! I love how matte it was and the color pay off was great. However if you are allergic to chocolate, there is actual Cacao in the bronzer. But on the up side it really smells like chocolate!
{Saturday Face}
{Sunday Face}
I think this really is a summer essential! Highly highly recommend this sample pack!
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