Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekend Update

I had a pretty busy and productive weekend! We had friends over on Friday night as a thank you for watching our little Kon-dog. I made guacamole, fish tacos, grilled corn, fruit salad and Margaritas! Everything was a huge hit! Well, we didn't get to the fruit salad because we were all too stuffed and our plates were too full!! We stayed up far too late, played our music WAY too loud, and were quite ridiculous with Cards Against Humanity. 
The next day I went on a shopping adventure...
Top Row: Dress; Skirt; Top; Dress
Bottom Row: Peplum top; Polka Dot top; Heart Top no longer available; Sheer back top
Can you guess what I actually bought?
We then watched the UK Game with a couple alums and had a blast! :) We brought over the rest of the fish tacos since none of us planned ahead, thankfully, Chris and I would have eaten tacos for days! (Not that I would complain!) Unfortunately we didn't have the same results last night! :(
Sunday I wasn't feeling very productive and I kept thinking of the candles I didn't get to buy. Then Chris said we were out of soap and I jumped at the chance to go back and get some candles and soap and I was extremely productive for the rest of the day. House cleaned, laundry done, meals prepped. Ah, it feels so good to have things done for you!

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