Friday, April 25, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

In an attempt to be more on top of things I'm creating a Mother's Day (Sunday, May 11, 2014) gift guide early enough so you can have time to order these things online with plenty of time to wrap and find a card for that special lady in your life! Or just go ahead and pick them up this weekend! I'll have 2 more follow up posts for new moms and Mother's-in-law. Of course all of these gifts can be for any lady in your life that is like a mom, whether they be related by blood, a friend that is a mom, or even a fur mom like me!
All moms need a little pampering right? I know my mom loves a good bath so why not treat her to a lovely bath bomb, mask, and candles to set the calming mood! When she gets out she can moisturize her lips with the most lovely lip balm.
I don't know about your moms but mine loves to travel, and when she does she travels in style. When you are travelling a good scarf can be so multi-functional! 1.) of course to keep you warm 2.) impromptu umbrella 3.) modesty, my parents are going to Italy soon and you aren't allowed in cathedrals with exposed shoulders or knees and a scarf can be a fast wrap or skirt! 4.) Covers a plethora of stains 5.) Scarves are always in style right?
I know I included this phone case in my Easter Basket roundup but my mom said she really liked this one. If you ever hear your mom say she likes something take a note! Even if it's a long time before you need a gift for her she will appreciate that you listened and remembered!
Like any good mom she is fully prepared for anything. My mom is kind of a tech junky so I know this Grid-It will come in handy to control all of her unruly cords on the go. For her purse I think she would enjoy popping her items in this cheeky bag of tricks!
Time to get personal! Does your mom like to garden? Check out Home Depot, Lowe's, Home Goods or even Target for all her gardening needs! Give her a personalized gift of jewelry, my grandma LOVED this necklace my sister made her. {Place your order here!} Is she a working mom that needs some cheeryness in her office? Give her cute functional gifts. Completely clueless? Give her your time! Whether that be doing something for her, or taking her out on a date and just chatting. I think parents always want more time with their children, after all the best things in life a free right?

Let me know what you're getting your mom for Mother's day!


  1. Those are the best candles!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

    1. I know! The best thing is when you're done you can use the jar for little flower clippings. Some little roses in your rose candle?


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