Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide: New Moms

My sister is a new mom, my nephew just turned one! I was a nanny in a past life and even though it's not even close to what being a mom is like, it's pretty similar. Here are a few things I think almost any new mom would like in her arsenal. 
Okay I know you're probably thinking seriously more phone cases? But hear me out! Phones are some of the easiest ways to take pictures of your little one and what better way to get their attention than by a cute phone case? Taking all those pictures can really kill your battery so having a cute backup wouldn't hurt!
I know I know another scarf...but seriously these things are a life saver when you're out and about and you get spit up on, need to breast feed, change your baby, shield the light from your child, a light blanket, SO MANY USES! 
I love the Bond No. 9 perfumes and I think their candles are gorgeous and smell just as good. They are a bit of a splurge but when you're a busy mom something that smells luxurious can make you feel more relaxed. (Nuits de NoHo has been one of my favorites for years! Have I ever owned it? Sadly, no)
I chose this solid perfume for its ease of use, you just dab a bit on your neck and wrists and you don't have to worry about it breaking in your purse. Speaking of purses I love this gym bag which can totally double as a diaper bag! 
Seriously aren't all new moms constantly exhausted? When she does get a minute to herself let her pamper those tired eyes with some rejuvenation!
Okay, these are really just things I think my sister would like. Her and her husband recently got Stand Up Paddle boards (I'm totally jealous) and they are struggling to find ways to store them. (champagne problems right?) 
If you have a mom that loves the beach or the water I think any of these items would be a perfect fit! Of course you could also give her some time to herself and watch her child(ren), or give her and her hubs a date night out. 
New moms out there! What do you want?

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