Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Club: Tell the Wolves I'm Home

I recently joined a book club and it is so awesome! I really like to read but I'm not always motivated or I can't find a good book OR I don't want to pay for books. I know, I know, I could go to the library. I used to be an AVID library goer in Charlotte. I read so many books when I lived there, I had my library card number memorized! But this book club is different from any other book club I've been a part of. It's different in that we don't all read the same book and I LOVE that. We all bring a book or more to dinner and we discuss what is is about, if we liked it, etc. We then throw them all in a pile and choose new books! It's basically a book exchange, and I LOVE it! 
There is always a lot of pressure in normal book clubs to choose a good book or if people don't like your book you feel bad or you just don't finish it! So many issues! This way I feel like the pressure is off, if I don't like a book I just pick up another one of my choices. This time I chose the second in the Divergent series (Insurgent) which, I liked the first one, but the second, I'm starting to get annoyed with the writing style. The main character is starting to get on my nerves but I still want to finish the series! I also picked up Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. I am really enjoying it! It's about a young girl in the 1980's who's uncle just passed away from the AIDS virus. Through the book she starts to learn more and more about her uncle and his past. It's so sweet and sad, for some reason I really like kind of sad stories. I'm not completely finished with it yet but so far I'm really liking it and can't put it down! It might be because the main character is kind of weird and that's totally how I was as a kid...and maybe now as well! I feel like the relationship between the main character, June and her sister Greta, is so authentic, it really took me back to that time with my sister. (just the relationship not the actions) I've read several reviews and I agree this book could do well to be categorized in YA. It isn't too terribly heavy and it is, in my opinion, very easy to read. Have you read Tell the Wolves I'm Home? What did you think? Are you in a book club? Do you have any good recommendations?

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  1. Well now I have to read this! Have you finished it? You'll have to let us know how you liked it.


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